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Subject: Accessibility Planning

Issue Date:

Sept 1, 2021

Revised Date:

New; August 2021


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Page: 1-2


1.0 PURPOSE: Sherwood Park Manor strives to ensure that we address barriers that prevent residents, their families and prospective residents from receiving services that would contribute to their quality of life. We also strive to ensure that we address barriers that prevent staff from doing their jobs effectively

2.0 POLICY: Barriers to accessibility shall be identified and reviewed on an annual basis. The Home will create and implement plans to address and/or remove barriers to accessing services. Accessibility planning will address needs of residents, families, staff, and other stakeholders.

3.0 DEFINITIONS: Accessibility: the minimization or elimination of barriers or other impediments. Barriers can come in many forms. Below are listed seven key areas where barriers can be found, with examples of each one.

· Architectural: width of doors, design of building

 · Environment: poor signage, low lighting, noise, odours

· Attitudes: assumptions based on age, ethnic background, socio-economic status

· Finances: people cannot afford services

· Employment: shortages in critical areas (e.g. RN/RPNs), English is second language

· Communication: lack of translation materials (other languages/formats), necessary information not provided

· Transportation: staff/residents/families cannot get to the services/to work (limited public transit)


 4.1 Identification of Barriers to Accessibility

The Quality Improvement Nurse under the direction of the Assistant Director of Care will gather input regarding barriers from staff, residents and the Board of Directors by March 31 each year.

Each year when the Resident/Family Satisfaction Surveys are tabulated, any accessibility issues will be referred to the Quality Improvement Nurse.

Accessibility issues identified during compliance surveys will be referred to the Quality Improvement Nurse. The Resident Council, Family Council, or any employee group or committee is welcome throughout the year to refer issues for consideration to the Quality Improvement Nurse.

4.2 Accessibility Plan Development:  An accessibility plan will be developed from the input identified in 4.1 above. The plan will include identified barriers, and actions planned/taken (including timelines) to remove barriers.

The Quality Improvement Nurse will provide a report each December to the Management Team identifying the areas it has addressed during the previous year.

4.3 Requests for Reasonable Accommodation: Sherwood Park Manor will consider all requests for accommodation. If an accommodation cannot be made, communication to the person making the request will include the reason(s) why the request cannot be accommodated. The Home may refer the person making the request to other sources.