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History of the Sherwood Park Manor Auxiliary Predating even the arrival of the first residents, the Sherwood Park Manor Auxiliary was initiated on December 16, 1975 by Mrs. Helen Van Dusen. She was one of 17 founding members. The first residents moved into the Manor on December 30, 1975. The first role of the Auxiliary, and the initial reason for its founding, was to help the residents as they moved into their new home. Afterwards, fundraising made it possible to enhance the lives of the residents in many tangible ways.

The Manor shop opened in May 1976, made possible by a generous donation from the May court club. The shop carried toiletries and small articles which the residents might be in need of. Since then the Manor shop has expanded to include drinks, snacks, knitting and craft articles, jewelry, stationary and stamps and various other items. It is a friendly spot frequented by residents, staff and visitors whenever it is open. Membership in the Auxiliary has varied in numbers over the past 36 years, but without the dedication of our volunteers the lives of the residents would not be as enriched.

Happiness, we believe, is serving others!



The main objective of the Auxiliary is to create an environment that enhances the lives of the residents living in the Manor. This is accomplished by working closely with the Life Enrichment Program in planning many of the activities for the residents. Special events such as teas on Valentines Day and Mothers Day and a luncheon BBQ on Fathers Day are some of the combined areas of work. Some Auxiliary Volunteers help with lunches, breakfast club and shopping with residents, and these are arranged through the Life Enrichment Program.

The three main activities of the Auxiliary are: the tea room, which operates from Monday to Friday in the afternoons; the Gift Shop, which is currently open 5 afternoons a week (subject to change without notice); and Church services, which are run two Monday mornings a month.

Our major fundraising occurs in the spring with a Bridge Luncheon, and in the fall with our Bazaar. All monies raised by the Auxiliary are used to assist with meeting the needs of the residents and improving their quality of life in any way we can.