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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I apply for admission to Sherwood Park Manor?


All referrals for admission to Sherwood Park Manor are coordinated through the South East Community Care Access Centre office.  You can call the South East CCAC Office at 1-800-267-6041, or you can follow the link


2. How long does it take to get into to Sherwood Park Manor?

This varies by the type of accommodation you select.  Generally speaking, the waiting list for basic accommodation is longer due to the fact there is more demand for these beds.  The waiting list for semi-private and private beds may be shorter due to the fact there may be less demand.


3. Does Sherwood Park Manor have a secure unit?


Sherwood Park Manor is an integrated facility.  We do not have a secure unit.  Residents are able to travel throughout the facility at their leisure to mingle and interact with other residents.


4. What are the visiting hours at Sherwood Park Manor?

Visiting hours take place between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The exception of course is for residents who are in failing health.


5. What are the costs for accommodation?

The resident co-payment rates are determined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. 

Updated rates as of July, 2019


6. Who is responsible for labelling each residents personal clothing?


Upon admission, the resident’s clothing including blankets and comforters are labeled by Sherwood Park Manor staff.  When additional clothing is brought in to the facility for the resident, please leave it at the front desk for labeling.


7. Are guests welcome to joins residents for lunch and dinner?

Except for holidays, guests are welcome at lunch and dinner for a charge of $10.   Please notify the front office two (2) hours in advance when you plan to visit for a meal.  Tickets can be purchased at the reception desk on weekdays.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate guests at the noon and evening meal on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 


8. How are co-payment fees paid?

We ask that any cheques for co-payment fees be made payable to "Sherwood Park Manor” and deposited in the wooden box beside the north wing servery.  A receipt will be attached to the next statement.  Many families are now taking advantage of the no-fee automatic deposit system instead for paying resident rents on the 12th of each month.  This is proving more convenient for everyone.


9. Are residents able to leave the facility?

Yes, residents are free to leave the facility with supervision as they wish.  In fact, each resident may have up to 21 days of vacation away from Sherwood Park Manor each year.



10. Can staff assist residents into my car to go for a drive?


Staff are not permitted to assist residents in and out of family cars for outings.  All staff follow very specific techniques for resident transfers and use special equipment as required.  This safety precaution is not possible to implement outdoors with vehicles.



11. Can I make a donation to Sherwood Park Manor?


Absolutely!  Sherwood Park Manor is a not-for-profit, charitable organization.  It is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors and as such has no external source of funding.  This differs from municipal homes that can be assisted with tax dollars or privately owned ones where profits from investors can be redirected toward immediate needs.  Consequently Sherwood Park Manor depends largely upon private donations and "In Memoriam” gifts to fund the replacement of furnishings and equipment and to upgrade the interior and exterior when it is needed.  Such gifts are much appreciated, and all donors receive tax receipts.


12. Is it permissible to bring furniture from home?

Sherwood Park Manor provides the electric bed and bedside table for each resident.  Residents moving in are permitted to bring a small television set on a small stand with wheels and a favourite chair.  We request that the television have the ability to add headphones to respect a quiet atmosphere for roommates. There is additional space for other furniture.  There is space to hang up to several pictures, add a personal quilt or bedspread and family photos help to make the space homier.


13. Does Sherwood Park Manor have restrictions on scented products for residents?

Some residents, staff and volunteers are sensitive to scented products.  We would appreciate your cooperation not wearing scented products when visiting, as the Manor is a scent free environment.  In addition, we would appreciate if you would refrain from purchasing scented lotions and perfumes for the residents.


14. Is there a formal meeting to monitor each resident’s care and treatment?


Six weeks after admission, a multidisciplinary conference is held to allow department heads to meet with the new resident and family.  These conferences are held the second Tuesday and Thursday of each month, and once set they cannot be changed. It is possible to call in for the conference if it is not possible to attend in-person. It is good to arrange your schedule to leave these times free if you can.  This conference is held annually thereafter.



15. Do you have a policy on the use of restraints?


Even when a senior is living at home with a constant caregiver, he can fall.  The same is true at the Manor.  We have very strict limits on the use of physical restraints, and staff are not with the resident every minute.  Of course we do our best to prevent falls, but they do still happen here as they do at home.  The benefit is that there are always people around to see that the resident is in distress and to get help immediately.



16. Does Sherwood Park Manor have a policy that addresses resident abuse?

Absolutely!  Sherwood Park Manor has zero tolerance for abuse of any type.




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