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Below is a sampling of letters and notes received from relatives and friends of residents of Sherwood Park Manor.

In all cases, personal references have been removed to protect the privacy of the writer and the resident. In some cases, the letter has been abbreviated where indicated, but only to avoid repetition or identification. The originals are on file at Sherwood Park Manor.

Just a note of gratitude to you and all your amazing loyal staff.  You are "Standing Strong" keeping the "needs of all" safe from such terrible times of danger seen and unseen!! You are indeed Angels of Kindness.  Keep up your wonderful work. As you stay safe and healthy, Blessings to you All.

-August, 2020

To all the Sherwood staff: Thank you, Thank you! for all your hard work keeping my mom and all the residents free of the virus that has given us all "cabin fever" I really wish to see you all soon. Fingers crossed.

-September, 2020

Thank you so much for the wonderful care of my husband.

-August, 2020

Many thanks to all the caring and thoughtful staff that looked after our mother for the past two years. We do appreciate all that you have done for her. Thank you!

-July, 2020

Thank you! To the nurses and staff for the wonderful care our dad received while he was a resident at Sherwood Park Manor.  Your kindness will  not be forgotten.

-July, 2020

To all the staff at Sherwood Park Manor: You have a most difficult job caring for the elderly and infirm, and you show the utmost compassion and care which is greatly appreciated by all who ae the recipients as well as by their families. Thank you!

-July, 2020

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your kindness and care of our parents.  Thank goodness for people like all of you.

- October, 2017

Many thanks to all for the care you provided for our mom over the past several years.  Your loving professionalism shines bright!

- July, 2017

"Thank you so much to everyone who lovingly cared for my precious mother during her stay at Sherwood.  Thank you to all who gave us support when our hearts were heavy and we felt so helpless.  Thank you for the beautiful heartfelt sympathy card.  Thank you to the residents for their friendship.  Our lives became richer as they shared stories of their lives - such wonderful loving people!  May all the goodness that Sherwood shares with others come back to you in countless ways!"

- June, 2017

"Words cannot tell you how grateful I am to all of you.  Your caring and love for my mother made it possible for her to stay at the manor."

- February, 2017

To the wonderful staff at SPM.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and wonderful care you gave my beloved mom.  Your love and support shown to me will forever be remembered.

- December, 2016

"I would like to thank you for the patience and care that you gave to my husband.  Believe me, you are very much appreciated by the residents and their families.  Thanks once again for the caring you have given and shown."

- October, 2016

"I want to express how pleased I was with the care [X] experienced during her stay at Sherwood Park Manor. I was there during [X’s] last days and found your staff to be exceptional in their sensitivity and care for both [X & Y]. I was so impressed that many of the staff came by after the news that [X] had passed away, each one expressing their love and sympathy with genuineness and sincerity. It was obvious to me that these expressions were s result of a staff that were willing to enter into the life of a resident and that she had become more than just a senior who required physical care and attention. This is a great tribute to the leadership and priorities of your facility.”

- November, 2011

"Our heartfelt thanks for your caring and attention to our Dad during his stay with you. He was so determined to walk again and you helped him towards that goal. Throughout his time at Sherwood Park, our Dad always had wonderful things to say about the staff. We cannot put into words how much we appreciate all that you did to comfort him and console our Mom and us in his final days. Your efforts will be remembered forever.”

- Undated, 2011

"On behalf of [X’s] family I would like to thank you all so very much for the respect, care, concern and dignity that you extended towards my dad in the short time he was a resident there. You met him in probably the hardest time of his lfe, yet the staff was able to understand his needs and knew just what to do to keep him comfortable and happy.
"Everyone was so kind to all of us who wanted to be near Dad so that he wouldn’t feel alone. Now I truly understand what dying with dignity means, as your entire staff showed me that.
"[We transferred Dad to SPM] so that my dad would receive the excellent care that your staff gives without question.
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- October, 2008

"Please accept out thanks and gratefulness for the very special care you gave my Dad, [X]. It gave our family great peace of mind knowing that Dad was so well cared for. He really settled into life at Sherwood Manor much better than we expected.
"Many thanks for your thoughtful care. Please know that the special care you gave my father was greatly appreciated.”

- Undated

"On behalf of [X’s] family, please convey to everyone at Sherwood Park Manor our deepest thanks for the wonderful care and attention you gave to Mon during the past five years. She was fortunate to have known such great nurses, service staff, and volunteers. They were an integral part of her life and they became a big part of ours.
"[…] we will certainly try to stop by the Manor whenever we’re in Brockville. Please accept this donation in Mom’s memory.”

- Undated

"Today, my mother, [X], would have been 87. I have arranged that all 3 shifts have a "Tim Hortons” break to show my appreciation.
"Thanks to all the staff, my mother received excellent care, was well looked after, and comfortable. To each and every one of you who may have spoken a kind word to her, touched her hand, or gave her a hug—you all know who you are—thank you from the bottom of my heart.
"Your kindness to [pet name] meant a lot to me.  I never had to worry about her because I knew her "adoptive family” loved her.”

- Undated, 2010

"I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for the kind and generous care that was provided to [X] during her final days and years.
"Her care was administered with professionalism, compassion and friendship and was very much appreciated by [X] and the family.”

- Undated

"I wish to thank every one of you for the caring, attention and love shown my mother during the past three years at Sherwood Park Manor.
"Being able to visit my mother on a fairly regular basis, I was able to see the enormous task presented to you moment by moment. The dedication shown is extraordinary.
"Once again, thank you!”

- January, 2010

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you, from each and every department, great and small, for making Sherwood Park Manor feel like a second hometo my dad.
Thank goodness you have the patience to allow something to unfold naturally, the expertise to do it with respect, and a sense of humour second to none.
So, ‘why do the birds go on singing?’ Because of people like you.

- March, 2010

"My sincere thanks to all of you who became my father’s family as his world shrank over the ten years he lived with you at Sherwood Park Manor.
"Your gentle care of Dad and your kindness to our family have been so special. I am a better person for having known you all.”

- May, 2010

"A mere ‘thank you’ does not seem to be words enough to express our gratitude for the attention and care given to mother. The care given b y all Sherwood’s staff was above reproach. Mom came to think of her caregivers as her own children. I came, to the end of mom’s life’s journey, to realize that her Sherwood caregiver knew mom better than I. This gave me a sense of contentment for which I thank each of you. All the leniencies shown me in order for me to provide mom with the special needs she felt she required and the extra attention due to not living at home is deeply appreciated. Nursing care given mom as mom was declining was excellent, and I thank each of you for keeping her pain free. The education, experience, dedication and professionalism shown by nursing staff are the reasons Sherwood Park Manor is thought of in the Brockville community as the best long-term care residence. Mon was lonely much of the day due to not living at home but staff, always aware of how each resident is feeling that day, ensures they drop in frequently for a small chat. Funeral visitation by staff, cards received and notes left for us to find when emptying mom’s room were all heart-warming and appreciated. I thank you for the kindness and attention shown dad when he was visiting and at the end of mom’s life journey when dad stayed 12 hours each day staff ensured dad was offered something to drink and a meal to eat.
"I do hope to be able to drop in once again to speak with staff and the residents I became friends with. […] You were all part of mom’s life and I will treasure each of you.”

- June. 2011

"My sincere thanks to "EVERYONE’ at Sherwood Park Manor for the love and care you gave to mom for the past ten and a half months. The last few months have been very difficult for mom, but all of you made her time there a little easier for all of us.”

- Undated